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7 food items that are highly rich in protein

Protein is highly essential for the body as it is the major building block of organs, skins, muscles and pretty much the whole body. We should inculcate the habit of consuming the food items which are highly rich in protein as protein is the building block of the body. Also protein-rich diet keeps us healthy and fit, so here is the list of 7 items that are highly rich in protein-

1.Egg- Egg is highly rich in protein. It contains vitamins, minerals and protein in large quantities which are essentially required by our bodies. It is one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods which is highly brought in protein. Start eating egg from today itself. You can eat boiled egg, omelet, egg curry, or any recipe of your choice.

2.Oats- Oats are among one of the healthiest grains available on the earth. Start eating oats in the morning as breakfast and you will definitely see the results. It is one of the food items which is highly rich in protein. Oats contains fibres vitamins and various other nutrients.

3. Milk - Milk contains almost all the necessary elements which are needed by our body. Milk is highly nutritious for the body and it provides several health benefits therefore we should consume at least one glass of milk each day. Milk contains vitamin B2 Phosphorus and calcium in large quantities which are really helpful for the body.

4.Almonds- Almonds are highly rich in vitamin E and protein, consuming almonds daily as breakfast can give you impressive health benefits which will lead to healthy, fit and a protein-rich body. It also contains fibers, manganese, and other important nutrients which are highly required for a healthy body.

5.Fish- Fish is highly loaded with nutrients and proteins which is required by a body. It contains omega 3 fatty acids which are very healthy for the human heart. You can consume any type of fish. As all of them are incredibly tasty and highly rich in proteins.

6. Peanuts-Peanuts are highly rich in protein not only peanuts but also peanut butter is highly rich in protein. They help in losing weight. Peanuts also contain a high quantity of magnesium and fiber. Peanuts are incredibly delicious and you should definitely eat them if you are trying to increase the intake of protein without gaining weight.

7.Brussels Sprouts - The  Brussels Sprouts is highly rich in protein. Not only it contains a high amount of protein but also contains Vitamin-C, fiber, and other important nutrients. You should definitely start eating Brussels Sprouts in breakfast.

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