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No matter how old you are, the modern era’s demanding lifestyle will soak up the energy from your body. Today’s lifestyle is undoubtedly physically challenging and all the consistent lack of energy in long term has severe and permanent ill effects on one’s body. To prevent these adverse consequences, one always needs to keep one’s energy levels as high as the sky and do so you will need the help of some superfoods. These superfoods help give us instant and lasting energy to fulfil our all our obligations and still have some to spare.

Dried Fruits

Believe it or not, these little heavenly droplets like food is one of the best energy sources we have in our kitchen. Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Raisin, Figs and Sunflower Seeds have a very high content of Omega 3 which will instantly complete your everyday need for good fats. A handful of nuts can be sufficient to keep you running for several hours and can be a very good substitute for a snack.


Overflowing with natural sugars including fructose, glucose and sucrose, bananas can be substituted for a meal incase of extreme lack of time. The natural sugar acts as an energy booster and the high level of glucose makes sure that your body can stay up and running for longer periods of time.

Coconut Water

Refreshing and hydrating, Coconut Water will immediately cure the dehydration of the hot summer days and will provide you with immediate energy. Apart from giving a boost to your power levels, it also helps to flush your body out of its toxins.


Rich in Vitamin C, around 10 strawberries can help you work for an hour or two atleast. Strawberries also contain manganese and fibre which helps to clean up your stomach. These pink berries will also aid you in immunity boosting and tissue repair.


Excellent source of protein, eggs keep your tummy full for longer periods of time. Their yolk also contains Vitamin B and D which in a very few split seconds can up your energy levels and reload the lost energy. This superfood also helps you in repairing your muscles and strengthening of bones.

Sliimba Bar

Sliimba Bar has no added sugar and lots and lots of vitamins and minerals to instantly replenish your energy levels and keep you giving back to your demanding life. With 18gm of protein, Sliimba helps you to keep your protein quotient full and along with its deliciousness, you never have to compromise on taste for nutrition ever again. It really is ‘A Meal in A Bar’.

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