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The Festive season is the season for celebration and love but it is also the peak season of weight gain! With all the special festivals round the corner, we all tend to distract ourselves from our regular diets which instantly adds up to our body weight. These extra kilos are often simple to gain but hard to lose, so before the festive season come to an end, here are some drinks that’ll help you maintain your body weight during the season and lose the excessive weight after the holiday season.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water is like a magic potion that works for the betterment of your entire body and not just one part. One of the innumerable benefits of Coconut water is the loss of weight. It does so by keeping our tummies full for longer periods of time so that we keep away from the sweets and delicious dishes. Apart from this, coconut water also is excellent for you skin, digestion and kidney functions.

With Lime & Honey, Say Goodbye to the big Tummy!

Lime & honey together improve as a fat burner by taking good care of our digestive system and decreasing inflammation. Heat one cup of water until its lukewarm and then add some honey and lemon to it. Stir it well and try to finish it in one go! Skip your morning tea and drink this new sweet & lemony miracle drink to maintain your body weight.

Black Coffee

With Zero Calories, black coffee is considered an excellent drink to trigger weight loss. It supress your appetite and makes you feel full due to which you avoid binge eating. Apart from this black coffee is also very beneficial for your metabolism, concentration and mood. It also helps to keep away several diseases like diabetes. Switch your regular Coffee to Black Coffee.

Mint Tea

Mint is not just flavoursome for your food but it also has many indispensable qualities which help in the overall and better functioning of your body. Mint can help to calm your aches and your muscles along with your stressful mind. Apart from this it also helps in better movement of your food through the digestive system which helps you to gain all the nutrients from it and avoid the extra fat.

Orange & Blueberry Detox!

Mix naturally obtained juices of blueberry and oranges with water and stir them well. You can also put in a little pulp if you prefer. This drink helps to flush out all the toxins and extra fats from your body and helps to rejuvenate you while improving your metabolism. An added bonus of this drink is that it tastes amazingly delicious and also keeps you cool from inside out!

So go and lose those extra kilos now!!

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