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Sliimba difference

To get appropriate nutrition in our insanely hectic lives has become an extremely arduous job in itself. It is now almost impossible to grab all 3 meals in a day and we often end up skipping atleast one. The creation of ‘Sliimba: High Protein Bar’ is inspired by the lack of time and proper nutrition in our super busy lives. Our Protein Bars is determined to keep your tummy full, your smile large and your heart happy! 


Sliimba consists of all the protein supplying ingredients to keep your protein levels healthy. Every bar of Sliimba is fused with Flaxseeds, Spirulina, Alfalfa, Moringa, Ashwagandha, along with 18gm of Protein and lots & lots of Love. We have no added sugar which helps you get High on Energy while being Low on Sugar! Moreover, Sliimba also doesn’t have any added preservatives and is perfectly suitable for daily consumption.

Skipped a Meal, Want instant Energy before Working Out, Want to stay healthy but can’t give up taste, Burnt all Calories and feel hungry after a Gym Session, in need of a Nutritious Snack in-between Meals? Don’t Fear! Just have a Sliimba! It will beat out your hunger and really is a ‘Meal Packed in a Bar!’.  The power-packed snack is inculcated with 10g protein. 5g fibre and a whole 120 minutes of continued energy. Each Sliimba Bar helps in keeping your bones & muscles sturdy, maintaining healthy body weight, losing a few kilos, making sure your diabetes stay under limits and gain energy & power whenever and wherever required. It has 0 Trans Fat and also aids to fight diseases like cancer, anaemia, anxiety, constipation, depression, headaches, heart diseases, respiratory problems and skin & digestive disorders.

So, what are you waiting for, Grab a Meal in a Bar with Sliimba now!!




Sliimba realises the significance of maintaining appropriate protein levels in our lives and is fully concentrated in doing the very same. Our aim is to deliver the healthiest snack that helps you sustain your power & energy even with a demanding lifestyle.

It is also in our list of goals to shift the youth’s focus from the unhealthy protein-lacking fast food which in drastically popular in today’s time. Unlike Sliimba, such foods lack all the important nutrients and undoubtedly has harmful and sometimes permanent ill consequences on our bodies.


We want people to never Miss a Meal even with their lack of time. That is why we have created Sliimba in a way that is truly is a ‘MEAL IN A BAR’!!



  • Insanely Nutritious – Our products’ ingredients are mostly natural and they have been tried and tested to give you the appropriate amount of nutrition you’ll need.

  • Utterly Delicious – Did we say that Now you won’t have to compromise on taste because our Protein Bars are Delicious!!

  • Meal in A Bar – We are as fulfilling as a COMPLETE MEAL and yes, tastier than that!!

  • Prevents many Diseases – The use of several natural ingredients helps in preventing many diseases like cold, respiratory problems, weight problems etc.

  • Get Instant Energy – Our Protein Bars will give you immediate energy Anytime, Anywhere, so you never have to stay behind in life!

  • We Care About You – We don’t just want to give you our products but instead we genuinely care about you and want to make sure that you don’t compromise on either taste or nutrition even in your hectic lifestyle!

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