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7 tips to combat stress and tension

A single day consists of 24hours, sometimes these 24 hours seem pretty long to us and we become bored following the same daily routine every single day and often experience stress, anxiety or depression. We have listed here 7 things which you can do in your leisure time which will help your mind and soul to remain free from anxiety, depression or stress and you will surely enjoy doing them.

1.Listening to music or podcasts- Studies have shown that listening to music can actually calm your body and soothe your soul. Whenever you feel alone or depressed start listening to any random music or music of your choice. You will see that it is a great street buster and will definitely help you to feel great.

2.Dancing- Dancing aids in combating the daily stress and anxiety. Play loud music of your choice and start dancing on it, no matter if you are good at it or not. There is a famous saying that -Dance like there is nobody watching you.

3.Painting- Painting shows the similar effects of a meditation on a person. Allow yourself to observe the things happening around you and paint them. Paint whatever you want. Draw sketches, landscapes and fill them with the color of your choice. Painting is a great stress buster.

4. Reading- Whenever you feel bored, start reading a book of your choice. Reading helps in relaxing the body and reducing stress and tension. It is one of the best ways to relieve your body from stress and tension. Start reading poems or short stories. Try to read books of your favorite genre because they will help you in developing the habit of reading.

5. Walking- Walking reduces stress hormones and also helps in reducing mild depressions. Morning walk is really beneficial to keep your mind, body, and soul, healthy and active. Taking a morning walk reduces tension and improves your mood. It helps a lot with mental stress. Try to take at least a 10-minute walk daily, and increase the duration over time once you start enjoying the morning walk.

6.Gardening- Gardening is one of the best relaxing leisure activity which gives you mental peace. It helps in improving the mood of the person and lower the amount of stress, tension, and depression. Spend some amount of time in planting new saplings, watering your plants and removing the dry leaves from it. You will surely see that gardening will help you to relieve your stress.

7. Writing a diary or journal- Research's have proven that writing a diary reduces stress. If you are facing any emotional hardships write about it in your diary, you will see that you will definitely feel relieved. Inculcate the habit of writing a diary, write about yourself, what you did the whole day, what happened with you today, what made you happy or sad the whole day and you will see that you will notice a change in yourself.

We all live a very busy life due to which we fail to give the demanded attention to ourselves which often leads to stress and anxiety. So here were 7 tips and tricks which will definitely help you in combating stress, tension, anxiety, and depression in your day-to-day life.

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