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Topic-Bad habits that you need to quit immediately

We all have some bad habits which we need to quit immediately if we want to lead a happy healthy life. These bad habits become a part of our daily routine and cause so many infectious diseases whose occurrence we fail to notice. Bad habits are harder to quit but you should inculcate some good habits in its place to quit, following the same bad habits. Here is a list of some bad habits which you need to change or quit immediately and which you are probably practicing from a long time but fail to notice-

1. Biting your nails-We often find people biting their nails out of anxiety, stress or boredom while watching TV, reading, or while doing any other activity. Nail-biting is really unhygienic and can lead to many infections diseases in our body. When you bite your fingernails, germs enter your mouth easily and can cause many infectious diseases in your body. So if you want to remain healthy stop biting your nails.

2.Drinking too much caffeine-We often have the habit of drinking coffee or tea at least 4-5 times a day which leads to headache, dizziness, and nausea. Caffeine boosts your mood and metabolism but when consumed in large quantity it can lead to many health diseases. High doses of caffeine also result in insomnia, stress and digestive issues. Hence why should try to avoid it's overconsumption and should try to intake only 1-2 cups of tea or coffee.

3.Spending too much time in front of the TV or laptop-These days we all can easily find

ourselves, spending our precious time in front of the Television or our laptops. We all spend our leisure time these days, sitting in front of the TV or laptops and wasting much of our time watching episodes in it. In earlier days, people used to follow or enhance their hobbies in leisure time. Try inculcating or spending your leisure time reading, writing, dancing or following any other hobby of yours and enchanting your skill in it rather than wasting your time in front of the TV or laptops.

4. Checking your phone whenever you hear the notification sound -Curiosity leads us to check our phones every now and then, in between the classes, during important presentations or conversations, even in our bed when it's time to sleep and also after waking up.I'm not saying to switch off your devices or not use social media at all but you should keep a check on yourselves and should avoid spending your precious hours on social media's or in chatting over groups in WhatsApp. The best way to quit the habit of checking your phone every now and then is to turn off the notifications of social media apps.

5.Smoking- Smoking tobacco or cigarettes can be addictive hence you should avoid smoking. Some of us develop this habit out of curiosity to smoke tobacco or on the suggestion of our friends. Smoking leads to various heart and lung diseases hence we should quit it before it starts affecting our body. Start chewing gum whenever you feel a craving for a cigarette.

6. Eating Junk Food- Eating junk food or street foods can lead to various diseases. The habit of eating pizza, burger, momos, patties on a regular basis can lead to increased obesity, fatty liver disease, and some other chronic diseases. Avoid eating junk food in excess to avoid these diseases. Junk foods are very harmful to our health and hence we should avoid eating it. Try to eat as much healthy food you can.

So here was the list of some of the bad habits that we must be practicing and should quit as early as possible if we wish to remain healthy and lead a long happy life.

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