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There are a lot of foods that we consume on a daily basis without knowing what’s really in them. A lot out of these we think are healthy and eat or drink without even giving it a second thought. But guess what? There are numerous items that we assume to be healthy but in actuality they are really unhealthy, some even worse than junk food! Some of these items are:

Packaged Juices

All the top brands of packaged juices that we see on our television or in supermarkets are insanely inconsumable. We very often buy and consume these everyday thinking that we are getting the real goodness of fruits inside us but instead all we get is no real fruit along with high amount of salts and sugars. Next time you need juice, make it at home!

White Bread

Sandwiches are everyone’s favourite when it comes to breaking the routine of the monotonous breakfast or eating a delicious everyday snack. A lot of people make these with white bread which often ends up being disastrous for their health. White bread is low in fibre and is made of refined wheat. It also lacks quite a few essential nutrients which leads to increase in one’s blood sugar levels. If you have to consume white bread, make sure you consume it in low quantities.

Sugary Breakfast Cereals

Famous with children for their sweet and chocolatey taste along with their distinctive shapes, sweetened cereals are extremely unhealthy. It contains processed grains with high levels of sugar added to them to give that great taste. Apart from this, these grains are often rolled and roasted which adds up to their un-healthiness. Stop giving your kids candy in the name of cereal!

French Fries

Everybody’s favourite snack, French Fries and any type of other deep-friend potato is really a food we should never eat (yes, potato chips fall under this category too). Firstly, these deep fried yummy treated are immensely high in their calorie count and apart from this the soaked excessive oil is terrible for our skin too.

Cakes and Cookies

For occasional celebrations these yummy dishes are not very bad but if consumed on a regular basis these very foods will make pump you like a balloon. It has additive fats, refined wheat or flour along with high quantities of sugar. With almost no needed nutrients, this might be one of the worst things to eat regularly.

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