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In today’s era the two things that are very prevalent are, Technology and Diseases. People are living extreme and unnatural lifestyles which often costs them their immunity day by day. This severe lack of immunity can cause innumerable illnesses ranging from regular cough & cold to cancer. This happens because the germs can get to your bodies easily and it is difficult for your weak immune system to fight against them. There are hardly any people who are 100% heathy now-a-days. It is very important to maintain your body’s immunity and apparently its quite easy too! Here are some ways that will help to boost your immune system:


The source of all light on the earth helps to produce Vitamin D in our bodies. There are very few natural foods that have this vitamin so to find it naturally in other products is a challenge. But you don’t have to take this challenge because you can avail Sunlight Anywhere on Earth and its Free! A 10-15 minute appointment with the sun will give act as a booster for your immunity.

Say No to Drinking and Smoking!

We can’t never stress enough upon the adverse effects of drinking and smoking. Smoking significantly weakens your immunity and affects your respiratory system with illnesses like bronchitis and asthma. Drinking too affects your liver and lungs to a great extent. So it’s best to avoid these two if you want to lead a disease-free life.

Avoid Stress!

Stress is the root cause for many serious sicknesses, some even without a proper cure like psoriasis. Yes, in today’s hectic lifestyles stress has become an unavoidable aspect of our lives but managing stress is an art that should be learnt and practised more by each one of us in order to keep ailments away from our body.

Sleep Well!

All the repair work in your body is done when you sleep so having a healthy sleeping cycle is obvious to boost your immunity. If you are already sick, then the lack of sleep can easily worsen your condition and if you’re about to be sick then no sleep will definitely make you sick. An adult needs atleast 8 hours of sleep every night for his/her body to stay healthy.

Eat Right!

Eating plenty of leafy vegetables and colourful fruits will do wonders for your body. You will be strong from the inside and glowy on the outside. Eating nuts and seeds also warms up your body which is essential especially in the winter season. It is a proven fact that the body of a person who eats right produces more antibodies against germs than a person who fills oneself with junk food.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight!

Not just weight loss but weight gain too affects one’s immune system. Both of these tend to weaker your immunity whilst making you prone to diseases. One’s weight should be according to the Body Mass Index to be considered healthy. All the above steps along with exercising can help you maintain a healthy weight.

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